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#1 Medical spa in Montreal and Academy for best facials, scalp micropigmentation, microneedling, teeth whitening and Laser hair removal.

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Confidence, results & training.

Our medical spa in Montreal are on top of the game when it comes to safe and effective beauty treatments. We focus on performance and developing solutions that actually work for skin care, hair loss and hair removal. The ability to stay ahead of trends and techniques allows us to produce the best results for acne prevention, acne scar reduction, hair loss restoration, skin tightening, wrinkle removal, teeth whitening and more with experts that approach in each treatment with the utmost care.

Leaders in the beauty clinic industry, our institutions also provide you with esthetics training courses. In fact, our academy has a strong team of trainers that will push you to learn trending beauty treatments hands on, and ensure a boost in your beauty practice. In summary, our beauty training programs include a unique approach that puts students into real life scenarios, allowing them to learn from both in class theory and practice on live models.

If you’re looking for beauty products and equipment, then you are at the right place. Shop dermbabrasion, teeth whitening, beauty machines other beauty tools that will help you produce the best possible results during your beauty services. Our products come with full warranties and customer support in Canada.

At our Beauty Clinic, the customer’s experience is very important. In other words, we maintain high standards of hygiene, safe techniques and quality treatments that personalized for each one of our clients. Experience a 5 star consultation before any facial so that our techs can help find the right solution for you and give you the best recommendations.

Our clients say

"Beautiful team that will truly guide you and give the appropriate treatment for all of your needs ! The space is also very clean and calming. I highly recommend the microneedling ( it is absolutely painless) ever since my acne has dramatically decreased and my skin is smoother with less discolouration."
Melanie donovan
"I got my teeth whitening done at New Age Spa. The staff (Bryanna) was super friendly. She walked me through the whole thing and made me feel very comfortable. The whole treatment took about an hour which was split by 3 intervals of 15 mins. The final product is unbelievable! My teeth are so white that it’s blinding! My husband is really jealous of my teeth so he immediately booked an appointment as well! Would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family. Check them out!!"
"I went there for a teeth whitening and hydradermabrasion facial all with Loubna. I can't say enough about her. She is not only sweet and welcoming, she is extremely knowledgeable and professional. My first facial and teeth whitening experience was beyond 5 stars! Highly recommended. Clean salon, professional, long extended hours and competitive prices."
teeth whitening clients that have done the treatment in montreal
"I had a very nice experience at New Age SPA. Everything is clean. The atmosphere is relaxing. But what was most important to me was the result. I did not even expect him to be so impressive. Micropigmentation is a very effective solution to the problem of hair loss and ultimately costs less than other types of treatment. So, if you're tired of an endless battle with hair loss, talk to New Age Spa. Believe me, I know what I say!"


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